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This is a story of triumph over persistent pain. I tried many things before I found relief. Scott van Niekerk, a physical therapist, who specializes in Myofascial Release, helped me to win the victory. I hope that my story will help any other women suffering from this dreadful pain, which produces a private agony all its own.

You see, the excruciating pain was especially difficult to deal with as it was in my vaginal area, an very sensitive part of the body. Even though my health had been impaired for some time with Mononucleosis and severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, this pain was something new (beginning in the summer of 2001).

It became impossible to have relations with my husband. It was difficult to sit because of the pain. Along with this pain, I felt increasing pressure and urgency in my bladder, and made frequent trips to the bathroom. After seeing various specialists and taking many, many tests, I was finally diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and vulvodynia. The recommended treatment involved medication that could effect the liver. Given my overall health, this was not a solution for me.

I went to a chiropractor and found some relief, but never resolved the internal vaginal pain. I found a female physical therapist who gave internal treatments. This helped lessen the pain slightly but not to a great or lasting extent. I researched other avenues and read of Myofascial Release. Much to my delight, in November 2003, I found Scott. He was located only a few miles from home, but even so he was a male therapist. It was such a private problem.

I decided to go for an evaluation. Scott impressed my as being very professional and highly skilled. He treated me with dignity and kindness. He explained that he could begin treatment without any kind of internal work, and that, if later I felt comfortable receiving internal treatments from him, he would arrange for one of his assistants, to be in the room.

After a few treatment sessions, it became apparent that I needed more than once a week treatments. Scott arranged for a two-week intensive treatment program, which involved daily one hour sessions, which included internal treatments twice a week. The pain lessened, and I could actually feel the myofascial tissue softening. My husband and I were able to have relations for the first time in two years! It was still somewhat painful, but much improved.

I continued to take treatments twice a week, then weekly. Scott showed me stretches and exercises that I could do at home that would keep my back and neck and left thigh limber. The pain lessened even more, and I found that I moved more easily and felt looser and more limber throughout my whole body. My bladder was not as sensitive; I had less frequency and urgency. Scott gave my husband instructions for the internal work. This made us feel empowered and less dependent. We could manage things on our own, with only a little help from Scott when needed.

I also feel that my overall health has improved as a result of releasing the myofascial restrictions.

We are so glad that we found Scott.

Anonymous by request.



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