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July 17, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a note of special thanks to Scott van Niekerk and his team at Wholistic Physical Therapy. They are a great team, and I am sure I am not the first to point out how wonderful they are and how much they helped. I started physical therapy and myofascial release in January of this year for rotator cuff tendonitis in my left shoulder. It had progressed because I had not attended to it for way too long and I now had a frozen shoulder, as well as lots and lots of pain. I was also depressed. I had had frozen shoulder surgery in March.

I finished the program a few weeks ago, a healthy and renewed person – thanks to Scott. At times I thought Scott was pushing me beyond where I could go – way out of my comfort zone, this was when I improved and grew the fastest. There were other times where I felt I was not pushing myself as far as I could do, and he was quick to call me on this, but soon we reached a harmonious balance. He was very respectful of my pain and taught me amazingly new coping skills to manage it; these same skills I now use to manage all stresses in my life, and I am a much more calm person!

His expertise with the home program and self treatment allowed me to progress even in between sessions. Occasionally, I still have some minor aches that I am sure will go away with continued strengthening exercises and continuing with the self treatment program that Scott discharged me with. I also really believe in the value of my regular once monthly MFR session. I have also learned quite a bit of how the body works and how the fascia impacts my shoulder, and interconnects to other parts of my body. Besides the stretching, I think the muscle massage, manipulation and myofascial release were the key things that freed up my shoulder and body to move again. My doctor was also very impressed with the knowledge Scott displayed in his reports and now has referred several of his patients to him.

Sessions with Scott became an emotional therapy for me as well as physical. The atmosphere at the center is conducive to patient’s sharing their feelings, being vulnerable in a safe environment and healing mentally and emotionally as well as physically. For me though, the office staff was there when it all became too much, with a very caring and sensitive ear and willing to share a little laugh about Scott (!) when I was at my limit. Everyone was always very professional and very gentle with me. I now come for occasional sessions of maintenance therapy, but hope I never have a frozen shoulder again; but if I do, I know where to find the very best therapist in the area, and I will get better in your hands.




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