Wholistic Physical Therapy

McKenzie Protocol

Key Benefits

  • Accurate diagnosis of the cause of the mechanical disorder
  • Appropriate assignment of prescriptive exercise
  • Thorough patient education
  • Increased independence and self-management


The McKenzie approach is a system of mechanical evaluation and treatment, which is highly effective in management of mechanical spinal (back and neck) pain.

Diagnoses Treated

Using patient history and mechanical evaluation, the McKenzie trained therapist is able to classify spinal pain into one of three categories:

Derangement syndrome: This is most commonly referred to as a “slipped disc”

Dysfunction syndrome: Short and tight tissue restricts movement and causes pain

Postural syndrome: Pain is directly related to maintaining poor posture over time


McKenzie, RA: Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for Lower Back Pain

McKenzie, RA: The Cervical and Thoracic Spine: Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

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