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www.mfrNYC.com our Myofascial Release Treatment Center in Midtown Manhattan

www.mckenziemdt.org The McKenzie Institute International

www.apta.org American Physical Therapy Association

www.nypta.org New York Physical Therapy Association

Respected Colleagues:

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Dr Roberta Shapiro, Physiatrist

Dr Peter Bonjiorno, Naturopath

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The following is offered for your perusal & information, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Scott van Niekerk / Wholistic Physical Therapy. We suggest you make your own determinations for your personal well-being.

Soothing Flash Presentations

The Interview With God: A flash presentation with breathtaking scenery. © 2001-2003 Get Inspired Now! Network. Enjoy the wisdom.

Even Now: Even now, when there is so much uncertainty, there is more love than hatred. Beautiful and soothing, this flash presentation comes from the Daily Motivator, © Ralph S. Marston, Jr.

Right Now: A flash presentation with relaxing music and beautiful scenery. Take a few moments to be here, right now. Presentation by the Daily Motivator.

The Light Movie: by Mary Robinson Reynolds. A very beautiful series of scenes and messages about "shining your light!"

May You Be Blessed movie: beautiful pictures, music and message

Thanksgiving movie: my favorite holiday, by Mary Robinson Reynolds

The Teacher Movie: get ready to Feeeeel!

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