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When you bring Wholistic Physical Therapy into your life, you should expect healing change. We want to nurture you, and provide a safe and loving place for you to heal, grow and live life to its fullest. We seek to demonstrate the utmost in professionalism and respect. Thank you for deciding to allow us to accompany you on this journey.

Article 1: "What is Myofascial Release". This article may help you understand better, what is happening in your body.

Article 2: "10 Tips to Enhance Your Treatment" will help you get more out of your session.

Downloads of forms.

We need these, so you are welcome to fill them out beforehand to save time. You will need Adobe Reader.

  1. Your History Form ©
  2. WPT Welcome Letter ©
  3. WPT Intake Form © - your demographic information

...wait! Only do #4 is specifically asked. It is for patients doing an intensive, and will be repetitive with #3 above!

4) Comprehensive Subjective © - 7 pages of detailed information pre-intensive, only to be filled out, instead of #3, if specially requested by the therapist.

These forms are copyrighted by WPT, so any duplication without permission is prohibited. Thank you.

Who you may meet at WPT.

What to wear: MFR techniques are done on skin, so a 2 piece bathing suit, underwear, tank top and shorts or whatever you are comfortable with wearing is appropriate.

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