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Myofascial Release Articles

Myofascial Release - The Scientific Rationale
by John F Barnes, P.T.

The Fascial Cranium and Intuitive Therapy
by John F. Barnes, P.T.

The Myofascial Release Approach, Part 4
Therapeutic Artistry
by John F. Barnes, PT

The above two articles are great for the developing clinician.

Myofascial Release: What Is it? How Does It Work?
by Scott van Niekerk

10 Tips To Enhance Your Treatment Sessions
by Scott van Niekerk, PT

Myofascial Release - An Introduction For the Patient
By John F Barnes

The Missing Link in Your Treatment
by John F Barnes, PT

Therapeutic Pain
by John F Barnes, PT

Without awareness There Is No Choice
by John F Barnes, PT

Myofascial Release and the Female Anatomy.
Originally entitled "Fibromyalgia"

By John F Barnes

By John F Barnes

Myofascial Treatment Proves Beneficial
In Acute and Sports Medicine Settings

By John Murphy for Advance Magazine

The above articles are all very informative for both the patient and the developing clinician.

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